Myth behind Valaskjalv

According to the Norse mythology, Valaskjalv is Odin’s residency in Åsgard, where he sits on his high throne and looks upon the world. Here is placed the famous food hall «Valhalla», where mighty warriors enjoy their feasts after long and glorious battles. It is no surprise that our restaurant is located on the second floor and has a gorgeous view over the famous fish market.

According to the saga, Valkyrian gathered the fierce and brave warrior for a feast, they were served with mead from the forever producing goat Heidrun and ate from the pig Særimne. The following day they went to battle, after the battle all the fallen ones got revived to enjoy their feast all over. This happened day after day so they were prepared for the great battle Ragnarok.

We wanted to make something completely new and unique in Bergen. That is why we decided to create a «time travel feeling» where we use rough wood on walls, long tables and benches, and our staff is dressed in known viking clothing. Tools, weaponry, shields and distinctive viking’s art is what makes our interior unforgettable.
Jobb med oss

Who were brave vikings?

Vikings were Scandinavian tradesmen, warriors, travellers and explorers. The vikings spread from South-Scandinavia to England’s and French coasts, through East-Europe down to Constantinople and west to Iceland, Spain, Greenland and North-America.

They traded, plundered, and learned from different nations about food cultures amongst many things.

Which is no surprise that in Valaskjalv’s team we have great vikings from Norway, Spain, England, Poland, and Slovakia.

Our goal

In Valaskjalv, we want all of our guests to experience Viking’s age at its best. In our restaurant you can try delicious meats and fishes, in our bar you can try best local Norwegian beers and variety of alcohol drinks. And remember, Valhalla is only for the brave!