Viking dining experience in Bergen

Restaurant & Bar

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Authentic food

We focus on preparing dishes inspired by available known products from the Viking era.

Options for everyone

Our menu contains sharing dishes for 2-3, single dishes, and special «Viking feast» offer for big events and groups.

Great Experience

Be ready to experience real viking's atmosphere, have a sword fight, and enjoy a glass of mjød after fulfilling feast.

Valaskjalv is a Viking themed restaurant and bar in Bergen, Norway. Our goal is to go as authentic as possible so our guests can experience real Norwegian food from the Viking age. From every hand-made detail in our interior to delicious taste of Viking food, we do everything so you can time travel to the times of great battles and great feasts.

Ottis Thomsen

Norwegian Viking, born and raised in Bergen, Norway, Ottis has over 2 decades of experience of working in restaurant business. Since the moment he started his studies and career as a chef, he had ideas with unique concepts and a great desire to think outside the box. Finally, in 2020 citizens of Bergen can travel in time to Viking's age in his unforgettable restaurant Valaskjalv

Valaskjalv - Restaurant Manager - Creator